5th YEAR PRESENTING THE PARADE OF HEROES. Scottsdale 4th of July in 2024 continues the tradition of the Parade of Heroes for the fifth year, recognizing outstanding leaders for tireless efforts to protect and improve the lives of Arizonans. Heroes are honored in seven categories: Safety, Fire Safety, Veterans, Health, Entrepreneur, Neighborhoods and Community.  Each honoree takes the stage for their recognition and award.

Scottsdale 4th of July is honored to present the Scottsdale 4th of July Parade of Heroes.

In its 5th year, the Parade of Heroes recognizes outstanding leaders in seven areas of service:

  • Neighborhood Hero – providing dedicated outreach to benefit the community at the micro level
  • Veterans Hero – working to better the lives of veterans with access to economic, educational and healthy lifestyle enhancements
  • Health Hero – for dedicated care and leadership that improves the greater health and wellbeing of individuals
  • Entrepreneur Hero – honoring an entrepreneur whose business has enriched the community
  • Safety Hero – honoring a standout law enforcement officer who ensures our public safety in an outstanding manner
  • Fire Safety — honoring a standout fire professional for education and safety in dangerous fire situations
  • Community Hero – for outstanding service at-large to enhance and improve lives

 Nominate in the SEVEN categories below:

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